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Great kitchens must not only look great, but they also need to be as functional as possible.

Making the smartest use of the space and utilizing the latest technology is possible not only if you are

building or remodeling a brand new kitchen.

It is possible to enhance your existing kitchen with the latest and greatest gadgets. Various kitchen hacks, handpicked by the fashion and design icon Kathy Ireland, will change the everyday life of you and your family.

A carefully selected line of accessories, decor and interior accents will turn any interior space into a jewel. 

Kitchen Hacks, a collaboration between Global Kitchen Concepts and Kathy Ireland is bringing you the best the kitchen world has to offer so that you can make the best use of your kitchen.

GKC Kathy Ireland has partnered with the top accessory, hardware, decor, tile and wallpaper manufacturers to make these products available to you at great prices, so that you can upgrade

your existing kitchen and living space affordably and today!

A new kitchen is great, but it’s time-consuming and expensive, so why not keep it simple

and inexpensive and turn your existing kitchen into your new dream kitchen? 

Kitchen Hacks by GKC ki is doing just that by allowing you to enjoy the most up to date

hardware, accessories, and technology for kitchens made by the best world leading manufacturers.  


With love

Kathy Ireland & Mayan Metzler

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