Trend Alert: 5 Backsplash Railing System Types

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Make your kitchen more stylish and organized by adding a kitchen rail and backsplash system.

A neatly organized kitchen will allow you to keep your most frequently used items near at hand but off of the countertops

There are many options availecific needs. The system isn’t meant to replace your cabinetry, but rather to complement it. It will free up cabinet space for bulky, little-used or unattractive items.

In this post, we will help you understand different types of railing systems so you can make the right choice.

1) Single Rail System

This is the classic and the most common type of rail system. The rail is mounted onto the rear wall of your backsplash. With the added featured of lighting, it can serve as a source of task lighting.

It includes several accessories for keeping your utensils. Each item is suspended and can be easily rearranged. There is a big variety of such elements: it can be a paper towel holder, hook rail, utensil holder, or a knife block or even an iPad holder. It usually includes a shelf for smaller items such as containers and decorative accessories. Tailoring your single rail system to what you need in front of you is a great way to customize your kitchen.

GKC Kitchen Hacks by Kathy Ireland offers an extensive line of nifty German-made accessories. Riga, Orizon, Compa, Firka, and Blade are absolute bestsellers in the backsplash organizers


2) Double Rail System

If you have a tall backsplash you might consider getting a double rail system. Its concept is pretty much the same as the first one: the metal frame is mounted into the backsplash, the rails keep all the necessary utensils on them. You just get the doubled functionality with this type of rail!

Few tips for mounting this kind of the rail system:

- If you have cabinets above your backsplash, you will likely anchor a rail the few inches below the bottom of the cabinet so whatever you’re hanging is within the confines of the backsplash

- Make sure you keep any electrical outlets located on the backsplash clear and easily accessible.

- If you are planning to have a shelf on the top rail, make sure the items you want to keep them will fit in between the bottom of the wall cabinet and the shelf.

3) Plate Utensils Holder

This option is the most customizable one. The perforated surface of the plate allows you to hang shelves and accessories and to easily change the disposition according to your needs.

With this system, you can take into consideration young children or people with special needs in your home who may have challenges with grasping.

Check out the Beck backsplash rail provided by GKC Kitchen Hacks by Kathy Ireland. The rail comes in two different sizes.

4) Freestanding Backsplash Rail

If drilling into your tile is not appealing or if you have a sheet glass backsplash that you can’t drill into, don’t despair.

New Combo rack innovative design allows you to hook all the kitchen accessories to the rack system without having to screw them into the back wall or already finished backsplash.

This way you can easily change its position or even take it with you if you live in a rental and planning to move out at some point.

5) Suspended Rail System

An alternative for the system with an easy installation is a suspended rail system. With it, you can also avoid any risk damage to the kitchen backsplash, tile, or wall. The frame is attached to the wall units. The floating effect brings refined elegance to the backsplash look, especially if you will add the lighting to the rail.

The modular structure made up of studs and crossbeams, can be integrated in any type of kitchen to become a cabinets natural extension.

Hana suspended system will be a great functional addition to any kitchen.

Whatever your needs, there is a kitchen rail and backsplash system to suit. Contact us for help designing your gorgeous and efficient backsplash space.

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