Updated: Jul 9, 2020

A lot of us are enjoying browsing through interior design magazines and admiring the projects of stunning large kitchens in big houses. Many of them have additional kitchen spaces such as kitchenette, pantry room, wet bar, etc. These projects look just like the kitchen of your dream.

But what if you currently live in a small rental apartment in the city? No worries, there are still a lot of ways to get your kitchen in tip-top shape. Here are 15 of our smartest tips and hacks to help you (and your kitchen) take a step in the right direction.

1. Add Hooks

Add hooks anywhere you can: on the backsplash, inside the cabinets, next to shelves. You’ll create space out of thin air and make a home for stuff that would otherwise take up drawer or cabinet space.

2. Avoid Countertop Clutter Using Lazy Susan

We all have things that we always keep on the countertop: olive oil, salt, and pepper, honey for your morning tea. All of them end up hogging precious countertop space.

Here is what you do: gather all your often-used items on a Lazy Susan and you’ve got a neat solution to countertop clutter.

This rotating plate provided by GKC Kitchen Hacks, obtained from parts of exhausted barrels will be a stylish and functional addition to your kitchen.

3. Use a Peg Board to DIY Pantry.

So you don’t have the walk-in pantry of your dreams — we don’t either! But, even tiny kitchens need to stock basic staples. So think vertical and use back splash you have. If there’s room for it, we love a pegboard pantry, but you can also just hang a regular accessory rail.

4. Use Free Standing Racks.

The best organizer ever if you live in a rental – is a freestanding rack system. With it, you get a stylish solution for freeing up the counter top space. And the greatest part of it – you can take it with you once you move out and just place it in your new kitchen. Isn’t it a perfect money-saving solution?

5. Turn Cabinets Into Drawers

Fact: Drawers are almost always better than shelves. Add rolling racks to your existing cabinets so that you can easily pull out what you have and see everything without having to crane your neck. If you can’t do anything with actual hardware, try adding some baskets, which essentially work the same way.

6. Open Up

Open shelving and door-less cabinets can work wonders for a tiny kitchen. You can use open bookcases or just add shelves to any vertical space to display your favorite kitchen wares without cramping up the space.

7. Use a Backsplash Rail

If you like to the look of an exposed kitchen with open shelving, then you will like this residential kitchen that's similar to a restaurant kitchen. Notice the area on the backsplash — you can see and grab everything with ease from the backsplash rail!

If you want to fight countertop clutter, there's nothing like getting things up on the wall. Don't limit yourself to pots and utensils, think paper towels, dish drying racks, and whatever else you can think of.

Check out our article about different types of the accessory rails.

8. Get Insert Sets for Your Drawers

Insert set includes a box with the accessories, that you can place in the kitchen drawers; take it out and place it on the countertop when needed.

This set is modifiable, and you can display it depending on the size of your drawer.

9. Upgrade Your Sink Cabinet by Adding a Pullout Towel Rack

Maximize your space: store dish towels right where you need them, right under the kitchen sink. This Pullout Towel Bar is the perfect example of user-friendly with three prongs that slide out of the cabinet for total convenience.

This towel bar is available in two and three prongs options.

10. Convert a Cabinet into a Pull-out Trash Bin

Gone are the days of a garbage can under the sink or a freestanding waste receptacle tucked off in the corner of the kitchen. Today every well-designed kitchen should have a dedicated cabinet for the trash and recycling.

Drop this in your base cabinets in no-time and get the instant functionality of having in-cabinet trash storage pull out.

11. Add a Sensor Cabinet Opener

A trash bin unit is being opened and closed multiple times a day. With wet hands full of meat wrappers and vegetable peelings, the hardware on this cabinet can become less than sanitary. What if you could open that cabinet with a tap of your foot, never touching the cabinet hardware with those grimy hands?

Enter Sensor Cabinet Opener, the electronic drive mechanism that opens the door with just a touch. Available for any pullout cabinets, it’s a simple, clean solution to a messy problem!

12. Steal Space from The Other Rooms

If your kitchen is truly teeny-tiny, there’s no law saying you can’t extend it into a nearby room. Add a movable island to a space next to the kitchen. A rolling cart is one of the easiest ways to increase counter and storage space.

13. Make It Easy to Reach

If the upper cabinets in your kitchen are short, and you have a hard time getting items out of it, we’ve got you! Meet the most functional item for the upper cabinets: pull out down shelves. When pulled down they can be fixed in a lower position. Once you are done with taking out items, slightly pull the shelves and they will get back into the cabinet.

14. Get Rid of Unnecessary Packaging

Visual clutter can be just as bad as regular clutter. And half-empty bags of nuts, crushed boxes of candies, and twist tie-closed of pistachios can all create visual clutter. To cut down on that, decant your ingredients into pretty oak boxes. Even if you’re stashing it all away in a drawer, these containers will make a big difference.

15. Add a Functional Work Station

You don’t need a big countertop space to cook, if you have a smart workstation. Just imagine: you have three essential items in one place: a cutting board where you chop the ingredients, an iPad holder where you pry into a recipe, and a shovel to pour the ingredients into a pot.

With such useful items, cooking becomes a pure pleasure!

As you can see, even a tiny kitchen can get organized by adding a few features to it. We hope you will make a better use of tight quarters of the kitchen, now that you know all the tricks and tips.

Got any of your own tips to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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