10 Must - Have Kitchen Drawer Organizers

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Handling Household Clutter

If you can't stand having your cooking gadgets and utensils jumbled together in a drawer, then you need to look into the wide range of kitchen storage solutions!

It’s a proven fact that if our spaces are neat and organized, we tend to be twice as productive and energized. But life happens, and sometimes the clutter bug takes over before we can get it under control. That is why we rounded up these impressively organized drawers.

It is scientifically proven that organized drawers and closets enhance our mental state of mind.

Reach Zen By Organizing Stuff

We believe that a tidy, organized home can lead to a simplified, happier life.

“If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life.” Louis Parris

1. Porcelain Spice Jars

Instead of having a full drawer of spice jars of different size, color and shape, unify the look of them, by placing the spices into porcelain jars with lids.

You can mark up the jars with a pencil. It will bring a stylish look to your drawers and the names can be easily erased if needed.

2. Pegboard

Get your kitchen under control, use pegboards inside of the deep drawers.

There are three different divider types: round pegs, triangle pegs, and dividing boards, which you can then pop in to create the perfect configuration around your stuff. This way, when you open and close the drawers, your plates and bowls won’t slide around. Pretty smart, right?

3. Flexible Plate Holder

A stylish alternative to a pegboard is flexible plate holder that you can place in the drawer.

This is something you want to have in your kitchen for sure! This holder is adjustable and can fit plates of any diameter.

No more rods with the complicated mounting assemblies, adjust the holder just with a slight hand movement.

4. Container Boxes

Small items can get easily lost in large drawers or roll over from corner to corner. To avoid it, store these items in these beautifully designed container boxes.

These boxes have handles, so you can easily take them out from the drawer and place on the counter top while you are cooking.

5. Dividers For Pots and Lids

These drawer dividers for pots and lids are a simple solution to the precarious tower of pots and lids that’s in most kitchens. By putting pots on their sides in a drawer, you can easily see everything at a glance and pull out a piece without starting an avalanche of cookware.

6. Adjustable Cutlery Tray

This cutlery tray is probably the most functional solution ever for keeping the cutlery.

All the dividers are fully modifiable, so you can adjust them to the length of all the items, leaving no dead space in the drawer.

These cutlery trays made of grey plastic are timelessly modern and quite easy to clean.

7. Foil Compartments

These foil compartments add convenient storage and dispensing capabilities to kitchen drawers. Searching the edge of a plastic wrap and ripping a piece can get pretty annoying sometimes. Not with this wrap holders! Both of them include a cutter for simple and precise cutting of foil or plastic wrap.

8. Plate Holder

Didn’t you ever wish you did not have to reach up into a tall cupboard to pull down a heavy pile of dishes? Well, with this idea you do not have to. Kitchen drawer organizing can include just about everything in your kitchen. This plate holder allows us to keep a big amount of plates and creates easy access to each of them.

9. Magnetic Knife Holder

Kitchen knives need their own space. Separate storage prevents them from clinking against other objects and ruining their sharp edge.

This deluxe magnetic knife holder is the most elegant and stylish solution for your drawer.

Out of all the options, magnetic knife holders are the most hygienic. Cloth and thick blocks of wood are breeding grounds for bacteria and an easy place for food bits to get stuck. Magnetic knife strips, on the other hand, are an easy clean.

10. Bottle Basket

Do you ever flinch as you open one of your kitchen drawers because you expect something to come tumbling in your direction?

It will never happen with a bottle basket. Bottles stand stable in it and are easy to access. The basket is removable, so you can just take out whenever you need to.

That's Not All

Ultimately, these are only a few of the wonderful storage solution options out here. If you would like more information on getting organized with all the different storage solutions available, explore

We hope you’ve got enough of inspiration to start organizing your kitchen drawers!

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